Kaough Family

Kaough Family

I am the mother of three children, Riley 7, Grace 5, and Ian 2. All of my children have exceptionalities. By the time my third child was diagnosed, I was at the point of literally breaking down and did not know what to do. My oldest two children are still in pull-ups and it was becoming such a financial drain. I called Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans to see if there were any funding sources to help with this cost. I spoke to Nicole and she helped me find the right agency with my insurance to get help with pull-ups..

Whenever I have any questions, and I have a lot, Nicole and the staff at Families Helping Families is there to help and answer them without hesitation. Even after hours, Nicole responds to my emails or returns my calls. It really gives me peace of mind knowing that Families Helping Families is there. All my questions about IEP’s or with anything I have no problems asking. They always make me feel welcomed and are so knowledgeable and helpful. Because of them, I will have someone to turn to and get on the right track for the future. I am on every list for anything possible. I am applying for anything I can apply for just for the time being until we get on our feet. Therapy is expensive and my husband works 24/7 but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Families Helping Families makes me feel like its okay to ask for help and to apply for financial resources that will help my children. This will only benefit them in the future. Everything is still a day to day waiting game, but with the help of Families Helping Families, we are on the right track.


Katie Kaough