Who We Are

Welcome to Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans!Staff picture

FHF of GNO is a family directed resource center that serves the entire state of Louisiana since 1991.   We provide peer to peer support, information, referral, and training around disability issues in Jefferson Parish.  In addition, we are the federally funded Parent Training and Information Center for the state of Louisiana and provide educational advocacy, training, and support throughout the entire state of Louisiana.

In 1989, the Louisiana Legislature enacted the Community and Family Support Act 378 in response to a grassroots effort by parents seeking resources for their children with disabilities. Parents wanted the option to care for their children in their home and not forced to live in an institution.  Research shows that the state saves substantial funds by caring for individuals with disabilities in their home and community versus large institutional settings.  Families Helping Families Resource Centers opened up in 9 of the 10 Department of Health and Hospital (DHH) regions around the state in 1991 – 1992 as part of this law.  FHF of Jefferson our “doing business as” name opened as Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans and we still maintain that as our legal name.  Due to the close proximity of the New Orleans area – one center was opened to serve all of region 1 (Orleans, Plaquemines, and St. Bernard Parishes) and region 10 (Jefferson Parish).

After Hurricane Katrina, it was decided to create a 10th FHF center in Orleans Parish to serve Orleans, Plaquemines & St. Bernard Parishes.  It was at this time, we created our “d/b/a” name to reduce confusion over the physical location of the two FHF centers in the Greater New Orleans area.

The centers are unique to Louisiana. Every staff member in our office has a family member with a disability or is an individual with a disability. In addition, a majority of our board members must have a child with a disability.

Every child and adult with a disability have a family. We understand that the family as a whole is important and that each family member is impacted by the needs of the family member with a disability. We work to address the health of each family member and the family unit. Because of our own life experiences, we understand the challenges a family faces and are committed to reaching out to other families with similar experiences.

Families Helping Families is YOUR resource center.  Our goal is to provide you with knowledge, support, and confidence!

Mary Jacob
Executive Director