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Partnering with Professionals

Families Helping Families enjoys partnering with professionals that support the families we serve.  These partnerships have proven to be extremely beneficial to the professionals, our staff, and most importantly, the families in need of services and supports.  When possible, FHF prefers to provide support to professionals through one of our grants and contracts.  However, occasionally we are requested to do specific things that we do not have funding to provide.  Therefore, we do offer the option to negotiate a professional fee to professionals and other groups that request something specific or closed to the general public.  A sample of these items are:


  • Specifically developed on a topic we don’t currently have in our training portfolio.
  •  Specifically for a closed audience group.
    • Teacher in-services
    • Disability specific support groups
    • Statewide conferences
    • Professional development


Conference and Event Coordination:

We all have different talents and not everyone is good at organizing events.  This is especially true when you have to think of the details involved in planning a meeting, conference, or other events. Partner with us to plan your next disability-related event.


Participants Say:

“The Information was excellent! The trainer did an outstanding job!”
“Thank you so much for the information.” – Vermillion Parish
“Needed this information for a long time. Thanks, FHF.” – Natchitoches Parish
“The presenter is very knowledgeable and engaging. I could listen to her talk all day.” – Orleans Charter School
“Presenter was awesome!” – Algiers Charter School


Consultation services vary depending on the need. An example of consulting services available from Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans is creating a bullying prevention program for your school; creating a surrogate parent program in your district; conference planning and more.

Anyone interested in any of the above services should contact Mary Jacob, Executive Director at 504.888.9111 or 1.800.766.7736 or