School Choice

Louisiana offers a variety of school choice options in addition to traditional public schools.  School choice is one of the most highly debated subjects in education today.  Parents want more opportunities and choices for their children, especially parents that reside in areas where the public schools are not performing well.  Many public school districts offer magnet, virtual, language immersion and other specialized areas in addition to their traditional public schools.  Your school district should have information on these types of schools on their school website.  In addition to those, the Louisiana Department of Education gives the following options for school choice: 

Louisiana parents, like parents everywhere, want to be able to choose a school where their child will learn and thrive. Finding the best school fit starts with knowing your options. There are a variety of school types available for students in Louisiana. Check out this video on School Choice in Louisiana.

Special Education: 10 Questions Should Parents Ask When Choosing A School

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Louisiana School Choice – FHF of GNO resource for families. School choice is the process of families choosing the K-12 educational options that best fit their children.  Here you will find all of the options available in Louisiana broken down in an easy parent-friendly way.

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