Success Stories

Joey Joaquin

My son, Joey, is a kindergartner and was also diagnosed with ADHD. I reached out to Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans (FHF) because his school was trying to expel him. I was confused and frustrated by what they were trying to do. As his mother, when the school told me my son needed […]

Joey Joaquin an FHF of GNO Success Story

Kayson Woodland

By: Antrenelle Taylor It all started for us in 2017 when I found out my son Kayson had ADHD. I had no clue what that meant. I was eventually given the phone number for Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans, and I called. I was connected to Nicole, an Information and Training Specialist. She […]

Rex Rodrigue

I called Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans (FHFGNO) because my son was not getting what he needed at his school. My son’s name is Rex. He is six years old and has Down syndrome. Rex spent most of his time in a self-contained classroom with nonverbal children at his school. He is nonverbal […]

Rex Rodrigue an FHF of GNO Success Story

Sequeira Family Walking and Holding Hands FHF of GNO Success Story

Andrea Sequeira

By: Dominga Sequeira We were concerned about my daughter, Andrea’s reading skills when she was in 2nd grade. We began to realize that she was falling behind her progression level from that of her peers. We realized her reading and comprehension skills were not improving and knew we had to do something. For many years, I requested help for my daughter, as she was not showing […]

Harley Labure

Out of desperation, we searched for help to clear our son from some serious accusation that could affect his education, future, and possible legal action. Thankfully, our family was referred to Ms. Laura Nata with Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans. We met with Ms. Nata in person and told her how long Harley had been out of school. She explained to us that because […]

Harley Labure an FHF of GNO Success Story

Dylan Prescott Anthony an FHF of GNO Success Story

Dylan Prescott Anthony

By: Terry Ellis While attending therapy at Children’s Hospital for my son, Dylan, one of the staff members there introduced us to Thuy and Steven Nguyen. Thuy and Steven both work for Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans in the Children’s Special Health Services Family Resource Center. Since my son was turning 16 in […]

Santiago Elizalde

By: Griselda Elizalde I called Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans because a person that I trust recommended me to this agency and since I trust her, I knew this was the place to get some guidance. I was happy to meet Ms. Laura S. Nata, someone who is knowledgeable about educational rights and was able to help me […]

Santiago Elizalde an FHF of GNO Success Story

Kaough Family an FHF of GNO Success Story

Kaough Family

I am the mother of three children, Riley 7, Grace 5, and Ian 2. All of my children have exceptionalities. By the time my third child was diagnosed, I was at the point of literally breaking down and did not know what to do. My oldest two children are still in pull-ups and it was […]

Corinth Corley

I am the proud Mother of Corinth, affectionately called Dr. Du, who is a happy and lovable four-year-old with a diagnosis of Autism, Sensory overload, Dysphagia, Epilepsy, and multiple others. His nonverbal communication has led him to converse with others using American Sign Language (ASL) and Picture Exchange Communication (PECS). Corinth also attends Speech and Occupational Therapy at Moreau […]

Corith Corley an FHF of GNO Success Story

Ja'bore Wheeler an FHF of GNO Success Story

Ja’bore Wheeler

By Raquel Castaneda Brittany Wheeler gave me this response when I asked her how she felt about the support she received at Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans (FHFofGNO). “When learning of (FHFofGNO) I was dubious at first to visit their office. After a few months, I realized the information and support I received […]

Angela Burford

Our family was directed to Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans through EarlySteps as an outreach for information and resources. We wanted to give our child the best that he could get, so we reached out to them to get answers we needed. We met Thuy and Steven Nguyen with FHF through Children’s Hospital […]

Gabe Burford and Family an FHF of GNO Success Story

Brianna Escalante an FHF of GNO Success Story

Brianna Escalante

By Elba Izaguirre Brianna is my three-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with autism and she is my world. When she was about two years old, I had a feeling something was going on with her. She wasn’t meeting the milestones that other children her age should meet. I asked her pediatrician about it and […]

February 2018 Success Story

When my husband passed away, I was unsure of what supports and services were available for our son with Down syndrome. I found out about Families Helping Families and I went to their office in Harahan to see if they could assist me. When I arrived I was greeted very professionally and did not wait long until I was in […]

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Victor James an FHF of GNO Success Story

Victor James

“I learned through Families Helping Families that if it is not documented, it didn’t happen” By: Arianne Penalva We were concerned about our son Victor’s reading skills. He was falling far behind his grade level and eventually was held back a year. We realized his reading skills were not improving and knew we had to do something. When a […]

Jana Prince Success Story

My name is Jana Prince; I work for an agency called IMPACT, a behavioral service center and I have a disability so Families Helping Families is a great tool for me both professionally and personally. I only wish I would have known about them sooner. I reached out to them recently because I needed help with a family I was working […]

Jana Prince an FHF of GNO Success Story

Roe-Chevez Family an FHF of GNO Success Story

Roe-Chavez Family

By: Chris Roe As a family with two special needs children trying to navigate special education services, it was a bright light to find Families Helping Families of Jefferson. Their support and assistance was key to successfully navigating the IEP process for our sons, both of whom have Autism. This fall, both started PK4 at a new school in a fully […]

De Leon Family Success Story

By: Raquel Castaneda The De Leon family recently received an autism diagnosis for their 5-year-old son, Mike. The family was having a hard time navigating the system and finding services, so they hired someone to help them with this task but it was beginning to become too costly for the family. Edilma, Mike’s mother, came to us after her child’s pediatric doctor […]

Mike De Leon an FHF of GNO Success Story

Venecia Gonzalez

Venecia Gonzalez

Translated by: Minerva Flores In February of this year, I felt I was in a low place and desperate for some help. I just wanted someone to hear me out. Although I understand English well, I cannot speak it, and this made me feel isolated. I had a lot of questions about my son, he had been previously diagnosed with […]

Jolene & Drew Spell

August 2017 Success Story – Jolene & Drew Spell I called Families Helping Families of Jefferson after numerous attempts of trying to get a new diagnosis added to my son’s IEP. I knew the urgency of updating the school with my son’s new medical information and that it may bring on some changes on his IEP. I called and sent […]

Jolene and Drew Spell an FHF of GNO Success Story

Brian Maldonado

Brian & Iris Maldonado

By: Raquel Castaneda Iris Maldonado called Families Helping Families of Jefferson (FHF) after she went through an ordeal with a fishy company. This company claimed to prepare students for college by teaching them how to interview, how to apply for colleges and provided coaching to help decide which college to go to. The catch is families have to pay $1000 out of […]