Santiago Elizalde

By: Griselda Elizalde

Santiago ElizaldeI called Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans because a person that I trust recommended me to this agency and since I trust her, I knew this was the place to get some guidance. I was happy to meet Ms. Laura S. Nata, someone who is knowledgeable about educational rights and was able to help me with the other concerns that I had. This was the beginning of my true advocacy for my son.

When I shared what was happening with my son at school, Laura took the time to listen and explain how to address my concerns. She provided me with educational materials in my native language to keep regarding my parental rights. She also provided me with a record-keeping binder so I could organize all of my son’s information and keep it in one convenient place to refer to when I need it. I got compliments by the committee at my child?s IEP meeting on how organized I was. It is amazing and I use it whenever the school staff requests any documentation. Because all this was made available to me, I am happy to share my information with my friends. Always glad to refer families to Ms. Nata when in need. As a new parent, I am eager to learn as much as possible. Laura helped me do that by providing lots of information to use and sites to read in Spanish. This has been most helpful to me and a true eye-opener. I am glad to get this information especially since Santiago is in his primary years of education.

Since my English is limited, it is amazing knowing that there is information out there in my native language and that my son’s school can provide me with his educational information this way. Thank you and God Bless every one of you. Additionally, thank you for the trainings given to Spanish speakers.