Mini Trainings

Coffee Break: Can my child be denied access to before and aftercare because of their disability?

Grab a cup of coffee and join us for this brief 15-minute mini-training aimed at answering a single disability-related dilemma. This month we will hear from New Orleans-area attorney Ron Lospennato about before and aftercare, and whether or not it’s discrimination for your child to be excluded.

Coffee Break: The 411 on School Health Plans

This month Leslie Seals, RN, joins us to talk about the importance of having a school health plan if your child has any underlying medical condition, even if they do NOT have an IEP or a 504 plan.

Coffee Break with Will Johnson
From a Self-Contained Classroom to a Full-Time Job

Hear Will Johnson, a self-determined adult with a disability, talk about his journey from a self-contained high school classroom to a full-time job. He has advice for parents and other self-advocates that you won’t want to miss!

Coffee Break with Laura S. Nata – What do I do if the School Keeps Calling Me to Come Pick Up My Child?