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Board of Directors

FHF of GNO currently has openings on our Board of Directors for the following:

  • Parent of a child between the ages of 0 – 26 years old with a disability.
  • An adult with a disability.
  • Professionals

The ideal candidates are:

  • Passionate about FHF and the services we provide to the community.
  • Interested in the long-term sustainability of our organization.
  • Willingness to support FHF in the community.
  • Believers of Home and Community-Based Services.
  • Understand the importance of inclusion in all facets of life.
  • Believe individuals with disabilities deserve a meaningful life.
  • Individuals that bring their own personal experiences and expertise to share.
  • Willing to participate in fundraising.
  • Can commit at least 5 hours a month to the organization.

To learn if you are a good fit for board membership, download the Board of Directors Q & A

If you are ready to apply for board membership, please click here to submit a board application.

We strive for diversity on our board.  For additional information or to schedule a meeting to discuss board or committee membership further, please contact Mary Jacob, Executive Director at 504.888.9111 or

If you are the parent or foster parent of a child with a disability or special healthcare needs, we need you!

As the Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center (LaPTIC), FHF of GNO is tasked with gathering parents from all over the state to review products we already offer and to help us develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our Louisiana families. And we need YOU on our team!

What does that mean, exactly?
Our Parent Advisory Group was formed to help us plan, review, and implement new or revised FHF products. The group meets together occasionally via zoom to discuss FHF products and the needs of families. Sometimes our Parent Advisors are called upon to provide input on workshop materials, flyers, and other products we already offer families. Sometimes they are asked to let us know what information they think we should include on our website, social media posts, in our digital magazine, or through training opportunities. And at other times, our Parent Advisors help us create new flyers or products with valuable information that our families can use.

How much time does it take?
Most of our Parent Advisors report spending an hour or less reviewing and reporting on a product. For the most part, parents only receive an assigned product once every month or two. After the initial review, the same parents are asked to inspect the product again after it is developed and before it goes to the Executive Director for final approval. Parent Advisory Group meetings are usually held 2-3 times per year and last about two hours. We know you’re busy, and we value your time!

Who would make a good Parent Advisor?
If you are raising a child with diverse learning needs, a developmental disability, or special healthcare needs, you are already a wealth of information that could be important for other parents like yourself! Experience is the best teacher. And we are looking for parents from all over Louisiana, all types of communities, all races and ethnicities and backgrounds, and all income levels; parents with and without disabilities themselves; foster parents; parents with a child who is or has been in the juvenile justice system; parents of children in every age group, from birth to adulthood; and parents of children with a variety of diagnoses.

What other qualifications are there?
We generally hold our meetings virtually and ask parents to review materials using online surveys. So ideally, a parent would need a computer and reliable internet service. However, since we need families from all over, and some smaller communities may not have reliable internet service, we are more than happy to make alternate arrangements for meetings using telephone access and completing reviews by mail. Don’t let the lack of a computer or internet access keep you from participating!

If I decide to become a Parent Advisor, how long do I have to commit?
There is really no minimum commitment required! Of course, we would love for you to stay with us for many months, but we realize that life changes happen. All we ask is that if you volunteer for a project or assignment in the group, you follow through and complete it or let us know if something happens and you can’t.

How do I sign up?
It’s simple! Click on this link and answer the questions to register. Your information goes straight to our Parent Advisory Group Facilitator and absolutely nowhere else. Any information you share with us is private and confidential and does not leave FHF. Be aware, though, that as a Parent Advisor, your email will be added to our FHF email list so that you will automatically receive our quarterly Exceptional Times digital magazine and our weekly updates.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Sharon Blackmon is our Parent Advisory Group Facilitator. She can be reached by calling the office at (504) 888-9111 or by email at

Updated 1/19/2023