Recorded Trainings

New Training

The Communication Plan: Who, What, When, Why 

Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development in Preschool 

Supporting Diverse Communicators in the Real World 

Meeting the Challenge of Challenging Behaviors 

Adults & Young Adults

Personal Branding the Will Johnson Story

Special Education Training

Introduction to Special Education

Parent Rights in Special Education

What is a Surrogate Parent in Special Education?

Understanding Response to Intervention


Navigating the IEP - 4 Part Series

Navigating the IEP – Part 1

Navigating the IEP – Part 2

Navigating the IEP – Part 3

Navigating the IEP – Part 4

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at School

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA Therapy in the School Setting

Behavior & Discipline

Positive Behavior Support

School Discipline

Positive Behavior Supports at School and in the Home

Your Child was Suspended: NOW WHAT? School Discipline for Parents of Kids with Disabilities

Crisis Intervention

Calming the Crisis Interventions for the Moment


Navigating Dyslexia in Our Schools: A Defining Movement


Graduation Pathways

Post-Secondary Education

The April Dunn Act – What Parents Need to Know NOW

Postsecondary Apprenticeships for Youth (PAY CHECK): An innovative transition pathway to competitive integrated employment

Lunch & Learn 4 Part Series - Introduction to Work for Youth with Disabilities and their Families

Part 1 – Key Resources and Skills to Ensure Career Planning Success

Part 2 – Key Laws That Support Youth and Career Readiness

Part 3 – An Overview of Key Employment Skills

Part 4 – An Overview of Resources to Support the Development of Skills from the “Working Independently, Here We Come!” checklist  

Health Transition

Youth Health Transition Essentials:
What, Why and How

Early Intervention Training

Louisiana Early Intervention System

Louisiana Early Intervention – EarlySteps Transition Process

EarlySteps – Start to Finish

Home & Community-Based Services


Louisiana OCDD – Screening for Urgency of Need (SUN) & Tiered Waiver Process