Joey Joaquin

Joey My son, Joey, is a kindergartner and was also diagnosed with ADHD. I reached out to Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans (FHF) because his school was trying to expel him. I was confused and frustrated by what they were trying to do. As his mother, when the school told me my son needed something I provided it. At the end of the day, I felt the school betrayed our trust in them. He needed something from them to help him succeed in school and it was not offered or provided.

I don’t think I would have been able to get the help that we needed if it were not for FHF.  They providing me with a tremendous amount of support and the information I needed regarding our rights to a free and appropriate public education. They helped me organize my thoughts and actions onto paper so I could address each one of my questions and educational concerns with the school. I was now knowledgeable and not afraid to speak up and voice my concerns to the school regarding the support they did not provide Joey. When everything was said and done my child was not expelled from school and the school finally started taking the proper steps to evaluate him and see what was needed to help him succeed.
Joey J
I could not be more grateful for the wonderful support from FHF and Laura Nata. She is awesome!  She would call and check on Joey and me almost every day. She would stay up late on the phone with me teaching and explaining how things worked for evaluating and helping children with special needs. Most of all, on the scariest day of them all, the day of my son’s hearing she was right by our side.

I can’t thank FHF enough and would recommend them to all parents that have children that are struggling in school.

Starr Joaquin