Isreal and Mon

I called Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans because I was desperate and did not have a clue how to help and support my son right after I adopted him. He was small and I noticed there was something a little different about him. I discussed this with his psychologist and she encouraged me to call FHF of GNO for help. I did. Since, I have received guidance and information from Laura S. Nata for years now. She has assisted me in learning about school placements and IEP services as well as other supports and services available in the community.

I use all of the information I learned largely to advocate for my child or any child with a family in need. When I meet parents who are struggling with school issues or looking for services for their child with a disability, I feel a responsibility to share the information I learned with them. Either I share what I learned in any webinar or in-person training or I try to encourage them to call FHF to get support from the professional people there.

All of the information helped us get through extremely difficult times. Our quality of life improved with the great support we received
in and out of school for our child. It helped us to understand our child’s disability and gave us hope.

Thanks to Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans, I know, as a parent, that I am my son’s best advocate. They educated me with the tools I needed to become knowledgeable and stronger in my advocacy and in turn teach my son to do the same.

You are great people and we love you, FHF ROCKS!

By: Aura Amaya