Kayson Woodland

By: Antrenelle Taylor

It all started for us in 2017 when I found out my son Kayson had ADHD. I had no clue what that meant. I was eventually given the phone number for Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans, and I called. I was connected to Nicole, an Information and Training Specialist. She guided me through the steps to get Kayson a 504 plan for school, and she stayed with me through the whole process.

Kayson continued having behavior issues in school the next year. So in 2018, when he was in second grade, we received the additional diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 2, along with Combined Type ADHD. I once again turned to Families Helping Families. Even with the diagnosis from Children’s Hospital, I couldn’t get the supports my son needed at school, but Nicole wouldn’t let me give up. With a lot of praying and help from Families Helping Families, I finally got Kayson’s Functional Behavior Assessment started, a re-evaluation paid for by the school district, and all the accommodations he needed while we waited on the results of his Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans has been a blessing to me and my son, giving me the breakthrough I needed for my baby to be successful in life. Everything is working out, and I owe it all to Nicole for standing by our side and doing everything she could to get my son what he needed.