Special Education – General – Non-Specific

A Good IDEA for Louisiana
A guide for parents and students about special education services in Louisiana.
Source:  Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center

All About Me
Did you ever wish you could find a way to introduce your child to the professionals that support him or her?  This document was created by parents of children with disabilities for the purpose of providing important information to the professionals that spend time supporting their children.  This booklet is easy to personalize for your individual child.  Just print it out, fill it out and share with the people you feel need to know about your child.  This booklet was created through a collaboration with the Mississippi PTI and Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center. Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans is excited to share our new, refreshed, colorful, and fun, “All About Me!” tool for families and the all-new, “My Portfolio”.

The new “All About Me!” is for students between Pre-K – 5th grade. The all-new “My Portfolio” has the same purpose as “All About Me!” with a more mature style, and is for pre-teens and young adults. Parents can use “My Portfolio” to assist their child in the transition from elementary to middle and/or middle to high. “My Portfolio” empowers students, parents, and teachers to prepare earlier for the transition from school to the adult world.

Both documents are available in Microsoft Publisher and Adobe “Acrobat” XI Pro.  In order to edit the document in Adobe “Acrobat” XI Pro, you must have the program.  If you wish to use Microsoft Publisher, please contact us and we will e-mail you a copy.

Source:  Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center

My Portfolio

All About Me

IDEA – The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEA was originally enacted by Congress in 1875 to ensure that children with disabilities have the opportunity to receive a free appropriate public education, just like other children.  The law has been revised many times over the years.  This site is full of information about IDEA.
Source:  Center for Parent Information and Resources

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) 2004
PowerPoint slides on IDEA.
Source:  Pacer