How can I get help getting the job I want?

What Is A One-Stop Career Center? Fact Sheet The Virginia Commonwealth University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center  PDF

Learn how One-Stop Career Centers train and screen job searchers and connect them to employers who are hiring. This fact sheet also contains information relevant to small business owners who may be looking to recruit new employees.

Find a One-Stop Career Center Near You The U.S. Department of Labor  URL

Use this Web site to search for a One-Stop Career Center near you. You’ll also find information about training and benefits available to the unemployed.

Customized Employment Q&A: Workplace Supports Virginia Commonwealth University and the Institute for Community Inclusion  PDF

This fact sheet explains what workplace supports are – partners and procedures that help people get their jobs done efficiently and effectively – and how they are used by employees with and without disabilities. It also covers how to assess when additional supports are needed and who can help implement them.

Customized Employment Q&A The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy  PDF

This brief explains the basics of customized employment, including the role of the job developer or personal agent and the assessment and negotiation processes.