Victor James

“I learned through Families Helping Families that if it is not documented, it didn’t happen”Victor

By: Arianne Penalva

We were concerned about our son Victor’s reading skills. He was falling far behind his grade level and eventually was held back a year. We realized his reading skills were not improving and knew we had to do something.

When a family member mentioned Dyslexia after noticing Victor writing some letters and numbers backward, it finally clicked for us. It seems obvious now, but it did not click with us before.

Soon after, I began to search for help and one of Victor’s teachers mentioned Families Helping Families. They said it was a great place to start and get some more guidance. So, I picked up the phone and called them. I had no idea where to start but they guided me through it. They were able to get me the help that Victor needed.

When I called FHF, I had already voiced my concerns to the school but nothing was done. I needed to know what else had to be done to ensure that Victor would get the help he needed. FHF helped me write a letter requesting an evaluation for 504 services. Shortly after, we received a notification to do his evaluation. While we waited for the evaluation process, some accommodations were put in place to assist Victor.

I thought that by telling the school my concerns, they would have done something. But what I learned through Families Helping Families is, “If it is not documented, it didn’t happen.” Thankfully, I called them and Victor has received the help he needed. We have already seen some improvements since he began receiving his accommodations.

Thanks, Families Helping Families!