February 2018 Success Story

Flower BouquetWhen my husband passed away, I was unsure of what supports and services were available for our son with Down syndrome. I found out about Families Helping Families and I went to their office in Harahan to see if they could assist me.

When I arrived I was greeted very professionally and did not wait long until I was in a private office meeting with a staff member. She asked me some questions about my son and what was he currently doing. I explained that since my husband passed away he basically did nothing but sit at home. I wanted him to be able to have friends and opportunities to go places and do things in the community.

She asked if I was currently receiving any of the waiver services or were we on the waiting list. I knew my husband had put our son on a waiting list but was unsure what that actually meant.

She asked permission to call Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority (JPHSA) while I was there so we could find out if my son was in the system and what his registry date was for the waiver. I was so thankful that we did this while I was there because we found out that his waiver date was long passed up. She then linked me to the director of JPHSA to assist us in finding out what happened. The director assigned a support coordinator to work with me and not long afterward my son was receiving services.

Because of my visit to Families Helping Families, their knowledge, relationship and linkage to JPHSA, I was able to secure my son’s waiver. Since he has been able to make friends and get out in the community where he has been thriving. I am so thankful that I went to Families Helping Families and that they are here to help our community.

Parent wished to remain anonymous