Ja’bore Wheeler

By Raquel CastanedaJa'bore Wheeler

Brittany Wheeler gave me this response when I asked her how she felt about the support she received at Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans (FHFofGNO). “When learning of (FHFofGNO) I was dubious at first to visit their office. After a few months, I realized the information and support I received was very helpful to my child and me emotionally and educationally. With a positive attitude, behavior, and character displayed my child can and will succeed!”

Usually, families call our office because someone referred them to us. Sometimes, families call not fully understanding what kind of services we provide. With that said, once they call and find out all the support and knowledge staff at FHFofGNO has regarding education, service delivery systems, and first-hand experience they are always grateful for the referral.

When the Wheeler Family contacted us, they were looking for help understanding and navigating their son, Ja’bore’s, educational 504 plan. I sat down with them, began reviewing his plan, and helped them understand each part. I then showed them resources online as well as gave them physical reading materials to better familiarize themselves with 504 accommodations and the school systems responsibilities. The final thing I did with the family was provided them with some pointers on things to look out for and things to ask for with the school.

As time progressed, the Wheeler family kept in contact with me and always provided me with updates on Ja’bore. If they needed clarification or had questions regarding their son’s accommodations, I provided them with support and they always stayed on top of things with the school. With the appropriate accommodations in place, Ja’bore was able to do well in school, passed second grade, and moved on to third. This is so exciting for the family! I am so happy to have been able to help Ja’bore get the accommodations he needs.