Bringing Peace Into the Family

Read this touching story about how FHF was able to bring peace into this families life after what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.

A True Story About A Real Child and How FHF Helped!

By: Anonymous

What does autism + bullying -inclusion = My son’s life.

Bullying_220x220I contacted Families Helping Families with concerns about my son with autism being bullied at school and having more opportunities for inclusion. I believe inclusion will assist in enhancing his readiness to transition out of high school. I myself have some learning difficulties and needed support to attend my son’s IEP meeting.
I was very fortunate to have a staff member from Families Helping Families office attend my son’s IEP meeting to assist with my concerns. Thanks to her we were able to amend the IEP to include inclusive opportunities for my son in Industrial Arts and Science. The bullying issue was addressed and measures were to be taken to do a functional behavior assessment and implement a behavior support plan.
In addition to the above, I shared that we were currently homeless. Even though my son with autism was still in high school, homeless shelters considered him an adult, which made it impossible for us to be sheltered together. Homeless shelters do not allow adult males to stay in an area where children are present. I was told my only option was for him to stay at a homeless shelter for men. Unfortunately this is was not possible due to his significant needs.
Again, FHF came to my rescue and arranged a meeting at their office for myself and Metropolitan Human Services District. Everyone worked together to find us affordable transitional housing resources. This collaboration led us to find affordable housing that was available for my son and I to move in.

FHF Note: Because of the content of this story, the family did not want to be named.
FHF will continue to do regular follow ups with this family.