Parent Success Stories

Every day we hear wonderful things about the work we do for individuals in the community. One of the things that keep us going daily are the success stories. Below are a few of those stories.


One mother’s determination for her son with autism to attend college came to fruition due to the support she received from FHF and other community organizations.  Click below to read about the Hawkins Family:


 Success Happens When We All Work Together 


Read this touching story about how FHF was able to bring peace into this families life after what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.  Click below to read the story:


What does autism + bullying – inclusion = My son’s life


Have you ever felt like a hamster running around on a wheel and never getting anywhere? Read this great letter how FHF helped this mom end the run around and get the services she needed for her daughter. Click below to read the story:


Thanks FHF for Existing 


Ready to give up and think she would never find the support she needed, this mom was given a new outlook on life.  Click below to read the story:


We Needed Help and Found it at FHF in Jefferson