Driving Assessment
An occupational therapist will perform the clinical evaluation to determine the effects that medical conditions, functional limitations and medications may have on the safety of driving.

 Louisiana Department of Education Bulletin 119 – Transportation
Bulletin 119 is a guide with specifications and procedures for school districts to follow when transporting students – including students with disabilities.

Public Paratransit

  • Capital Area Transit System (CATS) – Paratransit
    The CATS on Demand paratransit service is a demand-response, space available, origin to destination transportation system.  Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.  Persons who are deemed ADA eligible are provided non-emergency transportation for travel beginning and ending within the ¾ mile corridor of the CATS bus routes.
  • City of Monroe – Public Paratransit
    The Monroe Transit System offers paratransit service within ¾ mile of all fixed routes. Paratransit is a curb-to-curb transportation service for passengers who are unable to use fixed bus routes due to a disability.  All paratransit passengers must be approved by Monroe Transit prior to scheduling a trip. For your convenience, the application (to be completed by you and your physician) and the eligibility criteria is available on this website through the link below. The Paratransit Rider’s Guide is also available below. This guide explains the application process, rules and regulations, and how to use the paratransit service. All paratransit passengers should be familiar with this guide prior to using our service.
  • Jefferson Parish – Mobility Impaired Transportation System (MITS)
    The Mobility Impaired Transportation System, known as MITS, is part of Jefferson Transit. MITS provides transportation for persons with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route Jefferson Transit service. The fixed route service has designated bus stops at regular 2-block intervals along specific routes, while MITS service is curb-to-curb and demand responsive. The MITS service, also known as paratransit service, is designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). LIFT/Dial-A-Ride is a comparable paratransit service operated by the Regional Transit Authority in Orleans Parish.
  • Lake Charles Transit System – Paratransit
    The Transit System is equipped with vans that have facilities to handle wheelchairs. These vans, which do not operate on a regular transit route, will transport passengers from destination to destination.  They transport passengers to such destinations as hospital clinics, doctors’ offices, medical centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and etc.
  • New Orleans Regional Transit Authority – Paratransit
    Most of the standard buses and streetcars are equipped to serve disabled riders. Some riders, however, may have a temporary or permanent disability that prevents them from using the standard RTA system. For these customers, the RTA offers paratransit rides, as required by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you are a qualified paratransit rider, a bus or van will pick up you up at the curb in front of most any address and drop you off at the curb at almost any other address within Orleans Parish. This service is different than a taxi service, because you share the paratransit bus or van with other riders. You also need to reserve your ride in advance.
  • SporTran – Liftline Paratransit
    Liftline is the paratransit van service that is specially equipped with wheelchair lifts/ramps and other accessibility features that allow maximum mobility for customers with disabilities in the Shreveport area.


  • MoveNOLA
    Wheelchair accessible taxis in the New Orleans area.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vans
    Wheelchair Accessible Vans provides van rentals to Texas and Southeastern Louisiana.  They provide both full-size vans with heavy-duty lifts and minivans with power folding ramps.
  • UBER
    Uber drivers use their personal vehicles to transport riders.  Depending on the vehicle, some can accommodate wheelchairs.