Cell Phone & Other Mobile Device Safety Tips
A tip sheet that is meant to help youth stay fun and safe on cell phone.

Child Passenger Safety
Great information on how to keep your child safe while traveling in a vehicle.
Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Fire Safety for Individuals with Disabilities
A website with lots of educational materials and safety tips for people with disabilities.
Source:  National Fire Protection Association

Internet Safety
A white paper created to help individuals with disabilities learn how to stay safe on the internet.

Internet Safety
Tips developed to help youth stay fun and safe on both the fixed and mobile social web.

Meet the Police
A downloadable toolkit for parents and caregivers who are concerned about their loved one’s safety in the community.  The purpose of this program is to help enhance the quality of interactions between individuals with autism and members of law enforcement.
Source:  National Autism Association

Safety and Children with Disabilities
It’s important to keep all children from danger and from becoming dangerous. Children and youth with disabilities may have special needs that require added attention. Although they are no more aggressive than other children, they may have an increased chance of being victims of bullying, abuse and neglect.  This site offers great information about keeping your child safe.
Source:  Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Video Sharing Safety Tips
Many youth today are video-literate – able to communicate in a medium once reserved for highly trained professionals with expensive equipment.  This is a tip sheet to help youth keep their video-sharing safe and constructive.