Attorney List
A list of attorneys that do special needs trusts, interdiction, continued tutorship, guardianship, and less restricted alternatives.

Estate Planning
A handout on what the family needs to know about planning for a loved one with a disability.
Source:  Joel A. Mendler

Estate Planning
A handout on Estate planning for a person with a special need to preserve governmental benefits and legal status.
Source:  Patrick K. Reso, Esq.

Legal Aid Providers
A list of Legal Aid providers in Southeast Louisiana.

Legal Status in Louisiana
A guide to full interdiction, limited interdiction, continuing tutorship, representation and mandate and representative payment.
Source:  Advocacy Center

Medicaid Law and Application to Trust
Basic background information on Medicaid Law and the different type of legal trusts.
Source:  J. Douglas Sunseri, Esq.

Medicaid Planning for Loved Ones with Disabilities and Special Needs
The Powerpoint presentation created by Steven Jankower on the importance of planning.
Source:  Steven M. Jankower, Attorney & Counselor at Law

New Orleans Community Resource Guide
Pages of free or low-cost legal services available to individuals in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.
Source:  Common Ground Health Clinic

Special Needs Trust Q & A
A list of commonly asked questions and answers regarding a special needs trust.
Source:  J. Douglas Sunseri, Esq.

Who Will Be There for My Child?
A great article written by Joel Mendler on the crisis of aging caregivers.
Source:  The Alabama Council of Developmental Disabilities