A Strong Support System Is Important!

2016 May Success StoryMy name is Sophia Rosamano. My mom and I are grateful for all of the support and knowledge Families Helping Families has given us throughout the years. We started our journey with Families Helping Families when my mom inquired about information on Early Intervention services, because of my diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

From there, we inquired about many different services and supports and attended a number of great in-person workshops. I have known Ms. Thuy Nguyen and Steven Nguyen for many, many years. We were all part of a local support group. To this day, they continue to be a great support and friend to our family.

I am now a 21 year old, college student, working on an Associate’s Degree in General Studies with a concentration in Theatre. I intend on pursing my Bachelor’s Degree in Film. When I am not focusing on my academic studies, I am involved with LOUD New Orleans Queer Theatre Group among other things. Living on my own, with support, and finding employment in the Film industry is on my radar.

I hope this serves not only as a testament to how great Families Helping Families is, but also that believing in yourself goes a long way and having a strong support system is just as important.