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The Family Support Toolbox from Louisiana Believes is the go-to place for parents needing information, guides, and resource tools to support their children’s at-home learning.

Here you will find

  • School Information
  • Assessment Resources
  • Academic Support
  • College & Career Prep
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Family Support Library
  • and More!
Find a School or Center - Louisiana Believes

The Louisiana School Finder is an interactive, online tool that provides families with:

  1. school performance scores and early childhood performance ratings to show how well schools and centers are preparing students for the next grade-level;
  2. basic information about schools and centers such as their address, website, hours of operation, and principal or director’s name; and
  3. listings of course offerings, clubs, enrichment and extracurricular activities.

Louisiana Department of Education - Performance Audit

Complaint Process for Students with Disabilities Receiving Special Education Services
Louisiana Department of Education
Performance Audit Services
Issued September 20, 2023

Individualized Educational Program (IEP)

Some students with disabilities ages 3-21 may require special education and related services to meet their unique needs and to support them in attaining both their short and long term educational goals.  These services are governed by federal legislation via the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004).

To receive these services, a student must first be evaluated by a Pupil Appraisal Team to determine his/her eligibility.  An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed for an eligible student by their IEP Team. The IEP team is comprised of educators, the student’s parents, and other key individuals as needed. The IEP defines the special education and related services a student will receive, as well the goals that he/she will work towards, and the environment(s) in which the services will be delivered.

Here you will find IEP forms, IEP forms user guide, and IEP training modules, alternate assessment eligibility criteria, evaluation, LEAP alternative assessment and MORE. 

Louisiana Educational Rights of Children with Disabilities - Special Education Processes + Procedural Safeguards

Special Education Resources

Updated 9/27/2023