Section 9 – Moving Out

Even if you are not ready to take the plunge and live on your own, you should still work on being as independent as possible. Doing things for yourself will make you less dependent on others to meet your basic needs. If you are seriously thinking about moving into your own place, you should know a few things.

There is usually a wait for an accessible place to live. Louisiana has a shortage of these types of properties. But thanks to discrimination laws, people can rent apartments or homes that only need reasonable changes. That can mean changes to the inside or outside of a unit as well as common areas. If the rental property received any federal help covered by both FHA and Section 504, the owner must pay for the needed changes unless he or she can prove they can’t afford it. All other properties without this federal assistance do not have to pay for any of the changes. In that case, the person moving in would need to cover the cost. These alterations are typically things like ramps, wider doorways, accessible showers, and shower bars.

Hispanic male holding a cardboard box that says kitchen on it

Also, landlords expect tenants to keep their places clean. They also have to do things like change light bulbs and a/c filters and unclog minor clogs in the toilet and sink. Keeping your home clean means washing your dirty dishes daily. You will need to vacuum, sweep and mop your floors weekly. You need to clean your kitchen and bathroom weekly and keep things tidy. You also have to pay rent on time every month. If you use social security to help pay for rent and know your check gets to the bank on the 3rd of the month, you need to tell your landlord. Otherwise, you may have to pay late fees after the 1st of the month. If you think you do not make enough money to move out, you should contact Louisiana Housing Corporation about their Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

Moving out for the first time can be expensive. You’ll probably need to pay two months’ rent upfront if you rent. You will also have to pay deposits for all your utilities, like electricity, gas, and water. You’ll need some basic furniture, like a bed, chairs, and tables. Homes need things like bed linens, towels, pots, pans, plates, utensils, and glasses. You will need things like a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, and other cleaning supplies. Some of your first purchases may include fun things like a TV, radio, and computer. Often you do not need to purchase all these things brand new. You can always ask friends and family members if they have items they are getting rid of. You can shop for used items at yard sales or thrift stores. And you can make an Amazon Wish List online and share it with friends and family for upcoming birthdays.


Updated 8/9/2023