Extended School Year

ALL STUDENTS with an Individualized Education Plan are monitored for Extended School Year Services (ESY). What does this mean? It means your child’s classroom teacher should be collecting data to determine if your child will need to go to school beyond the normal school year. ESY services are the provision of special education services and related services to students with disabilities beyond the normal school year. The purpose of ESY is for a child to master and retain skills they are working on with their current IEP.

How does a child qualify for ESY?

Regression-Recoupment Applied to all students with significant cognitive disabilities with emphasis on the students having difficulty mainstreaming and/or regaining critical/essential skills after at least a five-day break in instruction.

Critical Point of Instruction 1 and 2 – Critical Point of Instruction 1 applies to all students with an emphasis on the skills needed to prevent loss of general education time or to prevent an increase in special education service time. 

Critical Point of Instruction 2 applies to all students with emphasis on the acquisition or maintenance of relative skills in the pursuit of critical life areas such as self-help, community access, or social/behavioral areas.

Special Circumstances Criterion – Employment Students ages 16-21 shall be considered for ESY services when there is documentation (job performance data) that the student is in need of support to maintain paid employment.

Transition from Early Steps to Part B (Preschool) – When there is evidence from the performance data on the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that the student will fail to maintain performance skills and will regress without ESY services.

Excessive Absences – Any student with a disability who has documented excused absences during the school year in excess of 25 days for health-related conditions without the provision of hospital/homebound services.

Extenuating Circumstances – Any student who does not meet any of the eligibility criteria who may experience unusual circumstances or situations when ESY services may be needed.

ESY is:

  • To maintain learned skills;
  • To target goals and objectives derived from the IEP;
  • Determine on an Individual Basis;
  • Available to all students with a disability deemed necessary.


  • To develop new skills;
  • A traditional summer school program;
  • Substitution of Daycare or Childcare Services;
  • To make up for absences.