FHF Staff is Amazingly Helpful and Knowledgeable

By: Jennifer Huber My son Caleb, is considered a medical puzzle and receives Special Education services through Jefferson Parish Public schools. At the risk of sounding cliché, when you first find out that your child is going to need additional supports and services, it feels like trying to paddle a sinking canoe upstream in a […]

Mom and Son happy together

We Needed Help and Found It at FHF

I figured it was just one more place to go to an get turned down. My family needed everything from financial assistance to assistance with education issues. I decided to try one more place -Families Helping Families of Jefferson. I was immediately surprised by the caring staff that provided much needed support to me. She […]

Family in an embrace.

Empowered Mom and daughters

Thanks FHF for Existing

My daughter is attending a Magnet High School and has dual diagnoses of gifted/ADHD. She has a 504 plan in place for her ADHD. Recently my daughter and I had a 504 meeting with her teachers where it was recommended by both her math and English teachers that she be evaluated for dysgraphia. As I sat in the meeting I felt positive, […]

Bringing Peace Into the Family

Read this touching story about how FHF was able to bring peace into this families life after what seemed like insurmountable obstacles. A True Story About A Real Child and How FHF Helped! By: Anonymous What does autism + bullying -inclusion = My son’s life. I contacted Families Helping Families with concerns about my son […]

Excluded, unhappy child.

Mother and Son finding resouces.

One Mother’s Determination

One mother’s determination for her son with autism to attend college came to fruition due to the support she received from FHF and other community organizations. Success Happens When We All Work Together By: Veolia Hawkins The day has come sooner than I expected it to come. My son Glenn, who happens to have autism, […]