If I have Social Security benefits, how will working and earning wages affect my benefits?

Get a Job! How Employment Affects Your Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid Benefits Connie Ferrell, Valerie Brooke, John Kregel, and Elizabeth Getzel PDF

This simple guide explains how working affects your SSI and Medicaid benefits. It includes information about SSI employment supports: 1619 A&B, earned income exclusion, impairment related work expense, blind work expense, Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS), and Expedited Reinstatement (Easy Back On), and gives detailed examples of how people have managed the finances of working, going to school, and supporting themselves.

Customized Employment Q&A: Addressing Concerns Related to Losing Social Security and Health Care Benefits Virginia Commonwealth University and the Institute for Community Inclusion PDF

This fact sheet answers common questions about SSDI/SSI/CDB eligibility, how to maintain Medicaid and other benefit coverage when going to work, how and what to report to the SSA when you go to work, and work supports and incentives.