We Needed Help and Found It at FHF

needed_help_220x220I figured it was just one more place to go to an get turned down. My family needed everything from financial assistance to assistance with education issues. I decided to try one more place -Families Helping Families of Jefferson. I was immediately surprised by the caring staff that provided much needed support to me. She let me explain all of my issues and told me she could help with all of them.
We tackled the education issues first. She went over my son’s IEP, and helped me prioritize the issues and provided me with lots of educational resources. She gave me hope that things could improve in school. Because of my dire financial problems, she discussed different government assistance programs. I explained I had already been turned down for financial assistance and she helped me re-apply and bingo, I got qualified.
Thanks to FHF I am now able to focus on my priorities and not have to worry about our next meal. Thanks for your continued support.

Signed by Mom that wishes to remain anonymous.