“Was Given a Vision, When There Was None”

Steven NguyenMy daughter Andrea  was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. She was referred to EarlySteps for early intervention services. Her therapist from Early Steps referred us to Children’s Special Health Services (CSHS) Family Resource Center for health care and other services.

We were given information on medical equipment, finding  doctors, and transportation.

With the staff’s help, we were able to get a loaner wheelchair from the local Spina Bifida chapter, that Andrea will be able to use, until they find a more permanent solution.

They also helped me apply for Children’s Hospital Assistance Program (CHAP) which gave Andrea the opportunity to see more doctors, have test done, and provide therapies within Children’s Hospital.  I especially like the hospital’s Spina Bifida Clinic, which allows my daughter to see all the tending physicians in one appointment.

The staff also gave me guidance and support in understanding my daughter’s condition. Steven Nguyen, who is  a staff member of Families Helping Families of Jefferson, working out of the CSHS Family Resource Center gave us so much hope, a more positive outlook on my child’s life, and what she’s able to achieve in the future.  He too has Spina Bifida.

We were excited to learn more about my child’s educational services and rights. FHF was able to confirm school registration, and school program options for my daughter and much more.

We are grateful and in awe of how the different agencies came together and supported us. We feel more empowered and  knowledgeable with our daughters  needs. We don’t feel alone anymore or lost in this healthcare and educational maze.  Thank you everyone!