Thanks for Leading Me in the Right Direction!

March Success StoryFor FHF of Jefferson staff, assisting parents of newly diagnosed children in the CSHS-Family Resource Clinic at Children’s Hospital is nothing new and something they are very passionate about.
Read how our staff assisted, Iesha Sparks, the mother of Corneshia Watkins.

Q: Why did you visit FHF of J staff at Children’s Special Health Services – Family Resource Center?
A: I visited the office to get more information about my daughter, Corneshia’s, diagnosis. Corneshia has a diagnosis of Arthrogryposis and a later determined diagnosis of Autism. The staff led me in the right direction and provided me with great information so that I would be able to utilize the services offered to my daughter. This included information on EarlySteps and the Medicaid waiver program.
Q: How will you use the information and support you were given?
A: The information that I received has helped me a whole lot. Corneshia recently transitioned from the EarlySteps program and is connected with Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority. I am currently in the process of looking for ABA Therapy providers.
Q: How will this information and support improve your life or the life of your child?
A: Because of the information that I have received, I am more knowledgeable of my daughter’s diagnosis and knowing that there are different supports and services out there, it has given me hope and reassurance that our future will be okay.
Q: Anything else you would like to share?
A: I am so thankful for all the resources and information y’all have provided my family and I. Every time I stop by the office, which is quite often, I end up learning something new. I will definitely let other parents know about y’all!