Self-Advocacy: A Valuable Skill I’ve Learned

January Success StoryWhen you have good self-advocacy skills you can have more control and make the life decisions that are best for you. Self-advocacy helps to empower you, to speak-up for yourself and make decisions about your life. I am so thankful  that my family reached out to Families Helping Families of Jefferson to better understand  my transition plan and graduation pathway.  Mrs. Mathieu with FHF made sure that I would be available when scheduling the case conference to ensure my ability to participate and communicate my wants and needs.  Her willingness  to meet on the weekend, after work hours, at a neutral meeting location  showed her dedication to making sure that we were working as a team.


Many questions were asked of my family and it gave me time to perceive the information and how to continue to work on my educational plans.  My family and I were able to look at the opportunities available to me to furthering my education, retaining employment and exercising my self–advocacy skills.  Before contacting Families Helping Families, I was ready to exit  school not really knowing all of my options nor trying to envision my purpose for remaining; until Mrs. Mathieu presented my options in such a way that it made my family and I think critically.  The insight given was invaluable that I now have my own bank account, a part-time job and a different perspective about continuing to use and acquire the skills I need.  Thanks to the valuable and family-friendly delivery of information I can now ask myself these questions:


  1. Does this prepare me to further my education?
  2. How would this assist me with retaining competitive employment?
  3. Does this prepare me for independent living?