My Grandaughter’s Transition to High School

December Success Story PicShanida Mathieu, Information and Training Specialist with Families Helping Families of Jefferson, sat down with Ms. Etrice Turnage for a Q & A regarding the supports and services she received from our organization.
This is what Ms. Turnage had to say:
Q. Why did you call FHF?
A. My granddaughter has ADHD and she was not having an easy transition into high school. The place where she attended school wasn’t equipped to teach children with this disability.
Q. How will you use the information and/or support you were given?
A. I was given an alternative to seek out. I did and we are transitioning into this new school starting Dec 1st. I also shared this information with other co-workers.
Q. How will this information and/or support improve your life or the life of your child?
A. She will be amongst peers who function on her level and at an individualized pace. She will graduate timely and we won’t be stressed and frustrated all the time. She will learn something and maybe it will resonate in her brain.
Q. Anything else you’d like to share?
A. Thank you for all you do and for caring.