Jean Valley Goes to School

September Success StoryJean Valley, a woman with blindness, always has a passion for learning. Recently she decided that she wanted to go out of town for school, so she called Families Helping Families of Jefferson looking for someone to advocate on her behalf. Her family and other professionals involved in Jean’s life were concerned about her going away for school and wanted to determine what else could be a better option for her.

FHF of Jefferson wanted to be sure that her voice was being heard and she was the one making the decision.  An advocate assisted her in arranging a meeting with her Case Manager, Provider Agency, Waiver Representative and her mother to discuss what her options were while taking into consideration the thoughts and concerns of her family. Together, everyone came to a great resolution for further education.

Also, Jean was referred for an Assistive Technology assessment to determine what technologies would improve her performance, participation, and independence. She will be receiving an IPad and other electronics to help her in her studies.

Jean says that if it were not for FHF of Jefferson she would not have been able to get anything done. She is thankful that FHF of Jefferson was supportive of her dream and did everything they could to make it happen. They were there through the whole process.

One of Jean’s favorite things about all of this was being able to count FHF of Jefferson as friends and allies rather than just another group of professional. They were always polite and courteous in person and over the phone. She says she enjoyed every single phone conversion she had with FHF of Jefferson. They listened, made her laugh, and made her feel important.  She was even surprised that FHF of Jefferson made themselves available to her in person to ensure the success of her dream.

This experience helped Jean improve her self-esteem and view of life. She now feels encouraged to help others who are blind find the help they need. She wants to help advocate for others and help them achieve their goals. She says that she is very thankful for FHF of Jefferson and this experience.