FHF of Jefferson assists Hispanic Father find information & supports needed for his daughter

April Success Story picLike many parents and guardians, Mingo was confused about the system and how to get started. What made it even more difficult for him was the language barrier. He is a Spanish speaker and has had trouble in the past understanding most of the information and resources regarding his situation. Luckily he called the right place.

Q: Why did you call FHF?
A: My daughter was having problems at school after receiving a diagnosis of Autism. I wanted to receive help but did not know where to go, so I talked to my daughter’s pediatrician who recommended I call your office.
Q: How will you use the information and support you were given?
A: I will use this information by immediately starting to get my daughter the services she needs. Thanks to you I now know about resources I did not know are available for her.
Q: How will this information and support improve your life or the life of your child?
A: This information will help my daughter’s life by allowing her to receive the services she is entitled to like the waiver services. I also received a list of ABA therapists that has been very useful to help us find a therapist in dealing with her behavior at home and at school.
Q: Anything else you would like to share?
A: Yes, I am very grateful that this organization exists. I am excited to know about everything that is available for my daughter.